Our Story

We weren’t using the data we collected as an asset, because it was too scattered and disorganised to provide any insight. As a result, our data couldn’t tell a meaningful story that would help us identify problems and enable effective decision-making for our business.

In order to use our data effectively, we needed for it to be consolidated, actionable, and available at anytime. We needed to measure our key business metrics simply, quickly and at all levels of the business.

So, we decided to build a dashboard solution that would do just that.

Using our experience as business leaders in both the healthcare and financial services industries for over 40 years, we are able to understand the common pain points experienced by leaders of these businesses”

Visioneer360 exists to provide answers to these challenges and enable data-driven transformation across a broad range of industries and organisations. Since launching Visioneer360, we’ve experienced first-hand the power of business intelligence & data-driven intel.

Now, we want other business owners to experience the same.


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Visioneer is made up of dedicated industry thought-leaders who are committed to sharing their knowledge, experience and passion with businesses wanting to experience growth.

Niranjan Sundararaj, CEO

  • 30 years multinational leadership experience
  • 17 years international experience in building new businesses across 14 countries in the APAC region
  • American Express CEO Innovation Award

A tenured senior leader with over 30 year of experience with global multinational organisations across Financial Services, FMCG and Mobile industries, and 17 years of international experience, managing large scale businesses and teams across 14 countries in the Asia Pacific & Australia regions in an organization with over 100 million customers.

Neil Moodley, COO

  • 11 years of leadership experience in wealth management
  • 10 years of working with medical professionals and practices
  • 15 years of knowledge and expertise in wealth management

Neil is also passionate about innovation and disruption, employing cutting-edge technology to transform the financial services space, such as artifical intelligence, automation, and advanded business analytics.


Visioneer is made up of world-class technology leaders who are committed to sharing their skills, knowledge and passion with businesses wanting transformation.

Mark Tossell, CIO

  • Systems Architect and Developer
  • Trailblazer for Salesforce & Einstein Analytics
  • Salesforce Awesome Admin Award

Mark is a highly skilled and certified Salesforce Administrator, having completed extensive training under the global Salesforce Trailhead Program. He is regarded by Salesforce as one of their leading ‘Trailblazers’, and widely considered as an industry leader of the program throughout the Australian Pacific region.

Earlier this year, Mark had the honour of presenting at the Salesforce World Tour 2018 on the power of Salesforce and Einstein Analytics.

Gayathri Shivakumar, Technical Lead

  • Over 20 years in the data and BI space
  • 3 years of building Einstein Analytics solutions for an enterprise strategic client with over 40,000 SF / 20,000 EA users