Customer Story from Four Fours P/L

As told by Kelly and Jeremy Meares – Business Owners

What were the specific challenges you faced?

  • Look for a better, more efficient and data-driven way of running our business

  • Manual processes

  • Manual documentation

  • Multiple data entry

  • No data analytics to drive smart decisions

What was the impact of those challenges?

  •  “We were up to our eyeballs in paperwork”

  • The end result was that our business was unable to grow and scale.

How were those challenges addressed with the help of Visioneer360?

  • Visioneer360 partnered with us to build a platform that quantified and simplified our workflow.

  • They designed and deployed extensive process automation.

  • Visioneer360 built digital documentation to replace our tedious manual processes of communication and document management.

  • They continue to work with us around Salesforce CRM customisation and optimisation.

What did you like most about working with the V360 team?

  • The team is very knowledgable of Salesforce and the finance sector which made communication simple and building what we wanted easy.

Anything else to add? A couple of quotes?

  • The team is extremely attentive and diligent in meeting your needs.

  • They work well and fast, as well as being quick to respond.

  • They are a first-class service.

  • Visioneer360’s build doubled our productivity and, since the build, we’ve won awards for great customer service.


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