Our Approach

  • Discover

    We believe the critical starting point is understanding the business challenges you want to solve. We will work with you to uncover your pain points, business needs, challenges and opportunities

  • Design

    Combining our business acumen and analytics expertise, we will work with you to jointly develop a tailored suite of analytics dashboards. We will partner with you in building and executing against a roadmap that fits your strategy.

  • Build

    Once you have approved our design, we will build your analytics dashboards, and our team will be on site to help implement and integrate the solution into your business.

  • Partner

    We view our engagement as a journey. Our goal is to empower your business towards data-driven transformation. Our change-management program incorporates training, user adoption, support, ongoing customisation, and the implementation of a phased project plan.

Project Management and Governance

We deliver the best data-driven solutions for our clients. That’s why, when it came to partnering with an analytics platform provider, we chose to partner with Salesforce. Salesforce is the #1 enterprise cloud platform provider in the world.

Salesforce continues to pioneer new and innovative solutions in the data and analytics space. They are second to none when it comes to empowering business intelligence.


Data privacy and security

  1. Salesforce is our provider of choice because of their commitment to the privacy and protection of client data and information. They understand the importance of safeguarding valuable business data and go to great lengths to do exactly that.
  2. Our aim is for you to create a competitive advantage from your data. Our analytics solution utilises your data where it resides. Visioneer360 does not store or retain access to any of your information.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics is the latest innovation from Salesforce, representing the next generation of business analytic solutions.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Einstein Analytics allows customers to experience smarter, faster and more intuitive data analytics, ultimately delivering superior client relationship management and amazing business success.