Customer Story from KJ Risk Group

As told by Justin Niven , Managing Director, Owner – KJ Risk Group

Tell us about yourself and your role?

  • I’m the Managing Director of KJ Risk Group, we are specialists in self-insurance solutions.

Tell us about your business?

  • KJ is a specialist in self-insurance solutions. I also own other connected businesses who provide services to our client base. So our proposition spans DMF Design and Management, Insurance Broking, Workers’ Compensation and Claim Management.  

What were the specific challenges you faced?

To use real life examples:

  • The Board of a DMF we run was continuously let down by their claim managers, both operationally but also with regard to reporting and analytics. Clearly these companies did not focus on their customer needs or their customer experience. The claim management function is the fulfilment of the promise; if you deliver it poorly it has a profound impact on the business. And the board was identifying a need (reporting).   
  • A client expressed frustration that he could not access all his data in one place, with real time access to anything (complete or in progress – such as an open claim). This relates to all the services we provide, not just claim management.

What was the impact of those changes?

  • We listened and responded. We now have a development pathway to significantly advance our service provision, but most importantly meet our clients’ needs.

How were those challenges addressed with the help of Visioneer360? 

  • V360 was an integrator referred to us by Salesforce. V360 were committed and organised from the beginning. I shared my overall plan with them and together we have built a roadmap to that end goal. The way they communicated gave me confidence that what we planned would be delivered and their actions backed that up.

What did you like most about working with the V360 team?

  • The whole team has been great to work with. The highlight would be the great working relationship I have developed with Mark Tossell. There is a honest, direct, constructive flow of feedback. They work in with me and my business so there is a genuine partnership. They have also gone above and beyond on a number of matters, which has in turn impressed my client.

Would you recommend Visioneer360 to other firms needing help with data analytics?

  • Absolutely for the reasons noted above.


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