Customer Story from Redkite

As told by Kailly Hill , Lead, Strategic Outcomes and Measurement – Redkite

Tell us about yourself and your role?

  • I’m Redkite’s Lead, Strategic Outcomes and Measurement, sitting within the Research, Evaluation and Innovation team. 

  • I’ve worked in research, evaluation and analysis across a number of sectors including not for profit, government and commercial.

Tell us about your business?

  • Redkite is a national cancer organisation providing essential support to children and young people with cancer and their families in hospital and in the community. 

  • We support families with hospital based social work and music therapy, financial assistance, community based support and counselling, education and career support and information and resources.

What were the specific challenges you faced?

  • We have a wealth of rich data in Salesforce on the services we have delivered, however, due to the complexity of our data model, a lot of this data can’t easily be analysed using the standard Salesforce platform. 
  • In particular, my team is responsible for analysing and reporting on Services data, including by producing quarterly reports for a range of stakeholders on service delivery and engagement. Because of the limitations of our existing system, these reports have been incredibly manual and time consuming, taking days to produce, and involving the manual export and combining of many reports in excel.

What was the impact of those changes?

  • Besides the obvious frustration involved, this meant that valuable time which could have been spent exploring trends and gaining insights for service development were instead spent reporting on critical but basic metrics.

  • It also meant that these metrics weren’t easily available outside of the quarterly reporting periods and it limited our capacity to drill down into the data in a timely and efficient manner.

How were those challenges addressed with the help of Visioneer360? 

  • Visioneer360 created a dataset in Einstein Analytics that overcame all of the restrictions we faced in Salesforce, enabling us to combine data from multiple objects to provide a ‘whole of services’ view of our data.

  • They also created a live, dynamic and visually appealing dashboard that provided us with our key metrics instantly, while also allowing us to drill down easily into those metrics.

What did you like most about working with the V360 team?

  • The Visioneer 360 team are super smart, efficient and solutions-focused. They were quick to understand our data model and delivered a solution that met all of our requirements and more. Thank you!

Would you recommend Visioneer360 to other firms needing help with data analytics?

  • Absolutely!

  • From the onset, Visioneer360 took the time to understand our needs and those of our different stakeholders. They were quick to understand our organisation and asked all the right questions.

  • They were patient in listening to our feedback and responding to various changes we requested as our understanding of Einstein Analytics grew. Nothing was too much trouble. 

  • The finished product is fantastic. It looks great and does everything they promised, which we didn’t think would be possible!

  • They really are experts in Einstein Analytics and I feel confident they could find a solution to any problem we threw at them.


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